Saturday, May 14, 2016

Experience Rome Project

Welcome! The Experience Rome Project teaches Roman history in a fun, interactive way. Students follow the life of one famous Roman (from Plutarch's Lives) throughout the year, experiencing life as he would have experienced it, living life as he would have lived it, playing as he would have played, fighting as he would have fought, and dying as he would have died. From birth to death, students experience life as a Roman, while learning Roman history and important Latin vocabulary.

There are 25 weekly lessons (I usually cover a new lesson every Friday, taking every 4th Friday off for a chapter test). Every week, the Roman being studied grows a little older. At first, he ages one to three years per week, going through the typical events of an upper-class Roman youth (daily activities, coming of age ceremonies, education, games, etc.) At age 16, the activities begin to jump in time, hitting highlights like marriage, children, battles, triumphs, and elected offices. The year ends, of course, with his death and funeral rituals.

Through the year's activities, student become very attached to the Roman being studied. He becomes a part of the classroom "family", so students feel naturally interested in the events surrounding him. Students learn more and also feel more excited about history and Latin.

I hope that you will have as much fun implementing the Experience Rome Project as I have had creating it and living it out in my Latin classes.